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It must feel awkward to be a common denominator. Like normalised data, you jam easily, Your labeling exercise is slow, repetitive, and boring. It doesn’t scale well. So you chose to Ignore a thing that will happen again,  You will say you’re still learning, and you will make more yearning sounds. Those who were watching […]

Culture 101, but make it scale

Marc Augé explained non-places as places of anonymity and loneliness.  All I ever saw was the freedom of nowherness. I wonder how it feels to see the world as the negative imprint of yourself. To see the rest of the world as a sock-puppet. I think about all the mushy cloudy tone-deaf nothingness that must […]


I am certain, with every fiber in me, that an exotic labeling exercise, is not the right way to address reality. I am certain, with every fiber of the strand I see, That my culture is the transactions best articulated around my twists and kinks, It’s a complex, kinetic web, that I thoroughly enjoy. Not […]