So much to write about, so little time! (and it looks like I lost this summer’s notebook, been looking everywhere and it’s driving me crazy!!!)

It has been a crazy month as I recently shipped myself to Dublin, a lovely city with lovely  people and great beer but bad at making cocktails and worst at bureaucracy. I’m almost settled now so I hope to have a next post very soon. Meanwhile, you can pick up the August issue of RAGMAG where I wrote a little essay about relationships, turning 29 and refusing to compromise. I’m very excited about this collaboration because it’s perhaps the only magazine in Lebanon that actually cares about publishing interesting content rather than just press releases.

If you read the essay, I’d love to hear your feedback here or on Twitter. Am I right or just a delusional romantic? If you’re outside Lebanon or for some reason don’t have access to the print publication, I’ll post a link here as soon as they post the piece online.


6 thoughts on “In RAGMAG!

  1. i loved ur article…every single word , thought and idea. I kept relating it to myself. I sometimes think abt reaching the 30s (soon) and about reasonably finding the right one. but as u said, we shldnt settle for less than an earth-shattering love. my own ugly voice is killing me right now and i wonder if this love does exist. maybe its not our fate to find such kind of love. anw, anyhow, keep u writing such amazing articles. good luck!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Mariam. Sometimes I also think maybe I’ll never find the man who will make me perfectly happy, but that’s when I remember that what matters is that I make MYSELF perfectly happy. As long as we can be in love with life, I think we’re both doing it right 🙂

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