Culture 101, but make it scale

Marc Augé explained non-places as places of anonymity and loneliness. 

All I ever saw was the freedom of nowherness.

I wonder how it feels to see the world as the negative imprint of yourself.

To see the rest of the world as a sock-puppet.

I think about all the mushy cloudy tone-deaf nothingness that must have filled the room, 

when snapchat created that filter asking people to break chains with a smile

How do you fix a culture that misinterpreted nihilism as an ending, rather than a call to action?

People who see the world as data in the void of their own shiny surface?

How do you teach subtext to people who train their brains to respond to systems seamlessly,

Then call it the study of user experience.

How can we talk about margins and centers

When Diversity and Inclusion looks like entropy

Well if you don’t know, then you’re not a problem solver.

You’re not a clever clicker.

Your whole toolbox is wrong.

What’s worse, you’re not a Happy Camper, and for that, we will help.

There are workshops on the art of crucial conversations

And they comes with a book, that we will buy for you.

problem solved.

The Journey is 1%

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